iOS Deployment

This article describes the steps needed to run a Soiree solution on an iOS device.


Apple requires you to use their Xcode development environment to create your app and prepare it for submission to the App Store.

Your app will consist of a thin shim that passes control to Soiree’s redistributable iOS Client Library. Your customer will never know that you’re using Soiree — they will see your application branded and packaged using your own product name, company name, and artwork.

You will create a new Xcode project, import the Soiree iOS Client Library, make a few configuration changes, and add a small piece of boilerplate code to the Xcode project. Soiree will take care of the rest.


This article assumes that:

  • You have a Mac with Xcode 7 installed.
  • You are a member of Apple’s iOS Developer Program.
  • You have downloaded the redistributable iOS Client Library from