Steps to upgrade from 4.2.0 to 4.3.0

  1. Upgrade the Soiree plugin to 4.3.0
  2. Upgrade your Java projects
    1. Right click on the project name in the package explorer.
    2. Select ‘Soiree Project Configuration’
    3. Update the Library Files
    4. Intall the Soiree table definitions
  3. Clean your project
  4. Modify the definition of some Soiree system tables.
    • Drop these tables
      DROP TABLE SoireeScaledImageInt;
      DROP TABLE SoireeScaledImageExt;
      DROP TABLE SoireePerfLogProcess;
      DROP TABLE SoireeNotificationScenes; (if it exists in your DB)
      DROP TABLE SoireeNotificationType; (if it exists in your DB)
      DROP TABLE SoireeGroup;
      DROP TABLE SoireeGroupScene;
    • Use the provided Soiree table definition files to re-create the following tables which were modified for this release.
      • SoireePerfLogProcess
      • SoireeNotificationScenes
      • SoireeNotificationType
      • SoireeNotificationClient
      • SoireeNotifications
      • SoireeNotificationsMobileLog
      • SoireeNotificationSolution
      • SoireeNotificationUser
      • SoireeNotificationUserPrefs
      • SoireeGroup
      • SoireeGroupScene
      • SoireeGroupRight

You can obtain the Android, iOS, and Server runtime libraries here: Soiree Downloads