Install the Demo database

In this Lesson

You will install the Demo database that will be used for the remaining lessons.


Apache Derby is an open source relational database implemented entirely in Java.

We will be using Derby as the database for the lessons. The lessons are written from the point of view that a database administrator is responsible for creating the database tables and it is your job to use them in your solution. So, you can concentrate on creating the solution and not database related issues.

The database you will be installing is preconfigured with the database tables that will be needed for the lessons. This means you will not have to set up or modify the database at all. We want to take good care of you because you are our guest at this party.

Now then, if you like creating tables, writing queries, and generally messing around a relational database you can use the Derby database for that too.

Why not use Derby to start building your own projects? It is a good place to start. You can connect to it using any SQL tool that you prefer. If you don’t already have one then check out DBeaver or SQL Explorer both of which are available as a plugin for Eclipse. Presents! It’s almost like having a birthday.

You will be asked to install DBeaver in a future lesson. If you would rather install it now you should complete the Install DBeaver lesson.

Install the Derby Database

  1. Right click on the Party project and select Soiree Project Configuration
  2. Add the Tutorial Database to the project

  3. These files get added to your project

Controlling the Derby Database

The External Tools button is used to start and stop the Derby database.

  1. Starting the Derby database

    You should see something like this in the Java console

  2. Stopping the Derby database

    You should see something like this in the Java console