The ACME Database

In this Lesson

You will

  • Learn about the ACME database that will be used in future lessons
  • Create a Soiree connection to the ACME database
  • Create a DBeaver connection to the ACME database


The ACME database is a separate database designed to serve a single tenant – the ACME Party Planning Agency. It contains a single table named PartyTheme which is defined as follows:

Any Database
The ACME database could exist in any one of the 6 database servers supported by Soiree. We are using Derby simply as a matter of convenience since the Derby database server is already set up. The information could also be stored in a spreadsheet or text file instead of a database – those would be a sad approach but they would work.

When an ACME customer is adding a party to the DEMO.Party table the solution will be required to capture a party theme and store it in this table.

Create a database connection

In this exercise you will create a Soiree database connection for the ACME database.

  1. Select the package and then open the Database Connection Wizard.

  2. Create a connection named Acme as shown here

  3. Configure the connection as follows

  4. Save the item
  5. Test the connection

Configure DBeaver

In this exercise you will configure DBeaver to access the ACME database.

  1. In Eclipse, switch to the DBeaver perspective
  2. Select the New Connection button

  3. Select Derby … Server

  4. Enter the connection settings

    Database: acme

    User name: PROD

    Password: acme

  5. Test the connection

  6. Keep pressing Next or Finish until the connection wizard closes.
  7. Right click on the acme connection and select SQL Editor

  8. Enter the following SQL statement and then run the script

    select * from PartyTheme

    The query result will return zero rows

You are now ready to use the ACME database.