Creating a Menu

In this Lesson

You will learn how to define menus for a solution.


Menus are defined as part of the solution definition. A solution may have multiple menus to serve various purposes within the solution but each menu may only contain scenes that are part of the solution. The Solution Scene Names section defines the set of scenes which are eligible for to be placed on a menu.

Menus are defined in the Navigation Menu section of the solution definition.

Menu Design Area

The menu design area is where you create and modify menus. Review this picture to acquaint yourself with the primary elements of the design area.

Menus can be removed from the solution by pressing the X icon on the menu tab

Notice the Primary Menu cannot be removed and the name cannot be changed

You can change the root
The top level element in the menu has a default name of root. The name can be changed by double clicking on the element.

Menu Content and Structure

Menus contain only two things

  1. Scenes
  2. Sub-menus

Each menu may be structured as a simple list of scenes

Or as a multi-level hierarchy consisting of scenes and sub-menus

The Menu Editor

The menu editor has two sides. The left side is the design area and the right side contains things you can add to the menu.

The list of scenes contains all of the scenes in the solution (as defined by the Solution Scene Names section). You can filter the list by name

You may ask to see only those scenes not already on the currently selected menu

This button is used to refresh the scene list. It will find any scenes which have been added to your project since the list was last displayed or refreshed.

Adding scenes to a menu

You add scenes to the menu by dragging them from the scene list to the menu

The blue highlight shows you where the scene will be added

When you drop the scene into the menu this window will appear

The description defaults to the Default Menu Item Name that was entered when the scene was created

If you ever want to change the default name in the scene you can do that in the scene editor as shown here

Regardless of what the default menu name is you may change it here as you place it in the menu. You may also provide an icon that the designer can choose to display when the menu is presented at runtime.

Menu items that have an image defined have an icon appear next to them in the menu definition

Removing scenes from a menu

You remove scenes from the menu by dragging them from the menu to the trash can. You may also use the delete key to remove the currently highlighted scene.

Adding Sub-menus to the menu

You add sub-menus to the menu by dragging the menu icon to the menu.

When you drop the sub-menu into the menu this window appears and you must provide a description

Removing Sub-menus from the menu

You remove sub-menus from the menu by dragging them from the menu to the trash can. You may also use the delete key to remove the currently highlighted sub-menu.

Modifying Menu Items

You may modify a scene or sub-menu by double clicking on the item or by highlighting the item and pressing the enter key.

Moving Menu Items

You can move items around in the menu by using drag and drop.

Menu Images

The solution maintains a catalog of all the images which have been added to items in the menu. The images in this catalog may be used to drop into new items being added to the menu. In this way they can share the same copy of the image.

You may drag images directly into the catalog and later drag them from the catalog into a menu item.

You can manage images in the catalog by right clicking on them.

Selecting Show Image References will provide a list of all the menus and their items that use the image.

Selecting Delete will provide a confirmation that includes all the items currently using the image. If you confirm the deletion then the image will be removed from the catalog and from all the items.

Selecting Replace will allow you to replace the current image with another. Any item that was previously using the old image will also be updated to use the new image.

Selecting Export will allow you to export the image to a file

That concludes this lesson.