Creating a Product

In this Lesson

You will

  • Learn about Soiree Products
  • Create a Soiree Product for the Party Pool software you will be creating in the tutorial lessons


Software development is all about creating products for your customers. Each product has a specific purpose and name, for example, in these tutorial lessons you are creating a party management product name “Party Pool”.

What is a product?

Think of a product as a building that has many doors. Each door has a specific purpose and everyone who uses the building comes in through one of those doors. A building such as a home may have a door through which you welcomes guests, another door to provide access to a bathroom from the pool, or large doors that receive the family’s car. Each door offers a distinct experience and entry point to services provided in the home. Some doors may require keys to gain access, other may not. It could be said that people don’t use a home directly, rather, people use doors to gain access to one or more of the amenities offered by the home. The same is true of a Soiree product.

A Soiree product is a defined collection of related services. People don’t use a product directly, rather, people gain access to some portion of the product through something called a solution ( we will talk more about solutions in the next lesson ). The product you deliver to your customer may consist of multiple solutions. Each solution within the product provides a distinct user experience for a specific user community or device type. Each solution belongs to a product just as each door belongs to a building.


Soiree product definition

The Soiree product definition contains 2 things

  1. A product identifier
  2. Product level configuration settings
    • File upload constraints
      You can specify whether or not the product allows Soiree clients to upload files to the server. If file upload is allowed you may specify a maximum file size that will be allowed.
    • Image upload constraints
      You can specify whether or not the product allows Soiree clients to upload images into the Soiree Image Repository.

Create A Product

In this exercise you will create a Soiree product definition for the Party Pool product you are building in these lessons.

  1. Open the Product wizard.
    • Left click on the package to select it.
    • Press Command + N (OS X) or CNTL + N (Windows) to open the Select a wizard dialog
    • Select Product from the Soiree section and press Next

    • Provide the package, name, and description then click Next
    • Enter the following information and press Finish

You should now have a Product item named PartyPool in your project

That’s all for this lesson.