Creating SxServer Profiles

In this Lesson

You will learn about SxServer profiles.


SxServer is controlled by two sources of configuration information.

  • The Server Configuration.
    This configuration defines the core operational behaviors of the server.
    You created a server configuration in the lesson Creating a Server and that information will not be revisited in this lesson.
  • SxServer Profile.
    The profile contains options that are specific to your development environment and are not shared with other team members.

The SxServer Profile contains two types of settings

  • Server Launch Configuration

    • Enable Zeroconf
      This option is useful during the development process of mobile clients. It allows your mobile device to connect to a SxServer without having to configure the client with the server’s hostname and port.
    • Skip Zeroconf goodbye
      This option is helpful if you are starting and stopping the development SxServer frequently. With this option enabled SxServer will not broadcast that it is going away and this allows the server to shut down faster. This means your clients are not aware the server has stopped but if the server is restarted with the same hostname and port the client will be able to connect using the stale definitions.
    • Beep when the server starts
      This option helps makes it easier to you know when you can connect a client to the development server.
    • Extra VM arguments
      This allows you to specify additional arguments to be passed to the Java virtual machine when the server is started.
  • Server System Logging

    • Enable Server Logging
      This option enables general logging in the server. This would include things such as startup and shutdown information, among other things.
    • Enable Execution Detail Logging
      This option enables detail logging about how Soiree Agents are handled. Agent processing is beyond the scope of this lesson and will be covered in future lessons.

The logging is configured using Logback syntax. For more information see The Logback Manual

Create a SxServer Profile

There are two ways to create a server profile for your project.

  1. Creating a server profile with Soiree Project Configuration
    • Open the Soiree Project Configuration for your project

    • Select Add for Soiree Server Profile

    • You can see the profile that was created by looking at Eclipse Preferences
      • On OS X select Eclipse, Preferences


      • On Windows select Window, Preferences


      • Expand the Soiree, SxServer section. Notice that a profile name Project Party has been created as shown here



  2. Creating a server profile manually
    • Open Eclipse Preferences
    • Expand the Soiree, SxServer section.
    • Select New


    • Enter the profile name


Selecting the SxServer Profile

  1. Set the active profile to Project Party


  2. Start SxServer


  3. Notice the additional logging information that is now available in the Java console.


That’s all for this lesson.