Custom Menu-driven Workflows

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You will see additional ways to use solution menus.


Anytime you need to show a list of scenes you should consider using solution menus.

Each solution may define multiple menus to serve different purposes within your solution. The Primary Menu, if it is used, is generally the main navigational menu. You may create other menus to serve specific needs.

This lesson provides one example of using additional solution menus.

Conditional Workflow

Consider the following workflow. Notice how the user is presented with a navigational choice after completing the activity on Scene B

Using a solution menu ensures the list will only contain those scenes which the user is allowed to see. It also makes it very easy to add additional choices as needed.

This would be accomplished as follows

  1. Create a menu that contains the maximum number of scenes allowed in the options list

  2. The agent that shows the list of options would look like this

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