Granting scene access to everyone

In this Lesson

You will be introduced to Soiree security groups.

In this lesson you will make the necessary security changes to allow the scene transition from the Scene Transitions lesson to work successfully.


People cannot open a scene unless they have been granted access to it.

People are granted access to scenes in two ways

  1. Solution level access
    • The initial scene specified in the solution can be accessed by everyone. [ you have already seen this ]
    • The supporting scenes specified in the solution can be accessed by everyone. [ these are discussed in a later lesson ]
    • Solutions can specify a public Soiree security group that grants access to specific scenes to everyone using the solution.
      [ this is what you will be doing in this lesson ]
  2. Person level Access
    You may assign specific scene access rights to individual people by using Soiree security groups. [ this is covered in a later lesson ]

Security Group Silhouette

A security group belongs to a product and each group may contain scenes and other security groups from the same product.

Security Group Provisioning

Groups are used in two ways

  • Assigned to a solution as the Public Scene Access group.
    If a solution specifies a public scene access group then all the scenes in the specified group can be opened by anyone using the solution.
  • Assigned to people
    People may have multiple groups assigned to them as shown here.
    A person may access any scene contained in one of their groups.

Create a group

You will now create a group that provides access to all scenes in the party solution.

  1. Open the Soiree wizard for creating a Group

  2. Create a group named

  3. Enable the Grant full access option

  4. Save and close the group.

Assign the public group to the solution

  1. Open the PartyPool solution.
  2. Assign the PublicGroup as the Public Scene Access group

  3. Save and close the solution.

Test the party solution

  1. Start the server if it is not already running.
    Server Auto-Restart
    When you save a Soiree item while the server is running the server will automatically restart so that it can obtain access to the new or modified definitions.
  2. Tip
    If you are making changes to a lot of items and don’t like to see the server constantly restarted then stop the server while you make the changes.
  3. Start the solution
  4. Click on the splash scene’s image button.
  5. The scene transition from the PartySplash to PartyDefinition should now work!
Whenever you create a new solution you may want to start off with a public group that provides access to all scenes in the solution so that your development team has ready access to all scenes being created. You could then assign the group the solution as a public access group or assign it to each developer.

Your party management system has taken a big step. People can actually get to it now!
[ so, it appears you now have the keys to the party room. Invite wisely. ]