Key Binding and Initial Focus Control

In this Lesson

You will learn about

  • Keyboard binding
  • Initial Focus Control


Keyboard binding is the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to events. This allows the customer to trigger events without having to move their hands from the keyboard to the mouse.

Initial focus control is the ability to determine which field should receive the input focus when a layer is opened.

Improving the Add Party layer

In this exercise you make the Add party layer easier for the customer to use

  • Give the input focus to the Party Name field when the layer opens
  • Allow the customer to select the OK by pressing the Enter key.
  1. Open the Party Definition scene
  2. Select the Key Binding perspective

  3. Select layer 2
  4. Drag the Initial Keyboard Focus from the Key Bindings palette to the party name text field.

  5. Drag the Enter key from the Key Bindings palette to the OK button.

  6. Right click the Enter Key Icon to display the keyboard binding properties

  7. Save and close the scene
  8. Start the solution and advance to the Add party layer
    The keyboard focus should be in the Party Name field.

  9. Press the Enter key and the validation errors should appear.

That’s all for this lesson