Selected Movement

In this Lesson

You will learn how Soiree supports selected movement within a solution.


Selected movement is something you design into your solution. Here are just a few styles one could imagine

  1. Links built into a scene for the purpose of directing navigation within the solution.
  2. Navigation choices presented in a list.
  3. Navigation bars
  4. Menus that can be opened on demand and contain a list of choices.
  5. Menus containing a hierarchical collection of navigation options which may be explored by the user before making their selection.

Soiree provides two things which can be used to implement these styles and more

  1. Scene elements
    You can present navigation choices within your solution using the scene elements available on each platform (desktop, iOS, Android).
  2. Menus
    Soiree provides specific support for defining and presenting hierarchical scene selection.

Scene Elements

We are not sharing any great revelation when we say you may use the scene elements to design your navigation aids. This statement, however, is not totally uninteresting.

The iOS and Android environments both provide navigation aids specific to their platforms and most of these are exposed in the Soiree scene editor. These can be used to provide a robust mechanism for guiding users through a mobile app. These platforms have rather specific suggestions about how navigation should be handled.

The desktop environments are less prescribed, however, you typically see either navigation bars and/or hierarchical menus used in most applications.

Regardless of the environment you should explore the elements available to you and craft your work of art accordingly.

Soiree Menus

Soiree provides services specifically designed to save you time and effort when defining and displaying scene selection choices. Soiree provides all the heavy lifting and you are free to add the finishing touches.

You could write all your own navigation infrastructure – but Soiree menus provide a lot of leverage in this area.

Adaptive Navigation

If you are creating your own navigation aids you can adapt their behavior to your environment as you see fit.

If you are using Soiree’s menus you will find they have the built-in ability to adapt the menus to match the user’s security profile.

Learn More

The other lessons in the Navigation section of the tutorial provide all the details needed to put Soiree’s menus to work in your solution.

That’s all for this lesson.