Starting the integrated desktop client

In this Lesson

You will learn how to start the desktop client which is integrated into the Soiree workbench.


Soiree provides clients for Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X.

Each client is configured with three values:

  1. The hostname and port of the SxServer
  2. The solution to be run
  3. Whether or not to use SSL

When you start a client the following actions take place

  1. It connects to the SxServer
  2. It tells the SxServer which solution should be run
  3. The server responds by sending the solution’s initial scene to the client

Integrated Desktop Client

The Soiree workbench provides an integrated desktop client for running desktop solutions. The integrated desktop client is typically used to connect to the development server but it can also connect to any SxServer that is running on the network.

This client, combined with the integrated development server, make it very easy to create and test solutions designed for the desktop environment.

Starting the Integrated Desktop Client

Before you actually start the client let’s take a look at the instrumentation provided by the workbench.

The desktop client is started by using the “Start Desktop Client” button provided by the Soiree Workbench.

This button is a split button. Clicking on the down arrow on the right edge of the button will display a list of solutions that can be started. If the development server is not running you will see a list like this one.

When your development server is running the split button will display a list of all solutions that are defined in the Eclipse project that contains the running server’s definition. This is what the list will look like after the party server has been started.

When you select a solution from the list the workbench will start the desktop client with a configuration that connects to the development server with the selected solution.

Do It

  1. Start the party server if it is not already running

  2. Start your Party solution by clicking on the split button’s down arrow and selecting the solution.

    When the client starts you should see the solution’s initial scene

    The solution you select stays in effect until you change it. So, after you start a solution you can restart the same one next time by simply pressing the Start Desktop Client button.
  3. You close the client by clicking on the close window button.

Connecting the client to other servers

You can connect the integrated desktop client to other SxServers on the network by pressing the down arrow on the Start Desktop Client button and then selecting “Connect to remote server…”

You must then enter the values required to run the client.

Let’s connect to your development server using this method

  • Your party server was configured with the following values

  • You can connect to your server by entering the following values

So, now you have seen your work of art. In the next lesson you will put it into action!