The Server Console and User Services

In this Lesson

You will learn how the server console can be used with custom user services as well as those provided by Soiree.


The server console’s User Provisioning scene can be used regardless of which user service you have selected for your product.

If your product uses one of the services provided by Soiree then the user information will be stored in the SoireeUser system table. If your product uses a custom user service then the user information will be stored in the repository used by your custom service.

In the User Service lesson you learned custom services can declare which features they support. If the custom service does not support one or more of the user provisioning services then the server console will tune its scene to reflect the supported features. For example, imagine your Soiree product is using an enterprise directory that is managed at the organization level. You would not want the Soiree server console to create new users or modify any of the existing users (such as changing their name or user id). So, you could create a user service which disallows those services and the user console would remove those features from the User Provisioning scene.

Signing on to the server console

When you sign on to the server console you may specify which user service should be used. The service you select will be used to authenticate the user ID and password on the console’s sign on scene and for managing the users in the User Provisioning scene.

Scene Examples

This example is taken from a consle using a Soiree service.

This example is taken from a console using a custom service which does not support any of the optional services.

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