Tutorial Introduction

Soiree is a Java based software development framework for creating server-centric solutions.

Soiree may soon become your best friend if you want to…

  • Create solutions that store information in a relational database
  • Use something simpler than JDBC to access your database tables
  • Leverage your Java and Eclipse skills across multiple platforms
  • Create solutions for both mobile and desktop devices
  • Stop writing user interface code
  • Deliver solutions super fast

Soiree Product

A product is roughly equivalent to an application. It is a formal definition of the software product you are creating with Soiree and contains settings that control user security and image services among other product level definitions.

Soiree Solution

A solution is a formal definition of the user experience deployed to your customers. It would be more precise to say that a solution is a view into your product through a specific type of device. For example, consider a Sales Lead product that you offer to your customers. The product may contain a mobile app for the sales force and a desktop component for the back office personnel. In Soiree terms these would be two different solutions. A mobile solution and a back office solution. Each solution provides device specific access to some portion of the Sales Lead product.


SxServer is the execution environment for your solutions. It can be run anywhere you can run Java SE and has been run on something as small as Raspberry Pi and as large as an IBM mainframe.

Service Synthesis (The Pump)

Service Synthesis is a technology in SxServer that saves you a lot of development and maintenance time by eliminating the need to write code that choreographs the interaction among sub-components. Consider a sales solution that has customers, orders, items, and invoices. Care must be taken to ensure a user interface containing sales history of a customer shows the orders, items, and invoices associated with the selected customer. Now imagine not having to write any code to ensure the information is correctly linked together. That is service synthesis. You create simple services that focus on the individual pieces of information and service synthesis melds these separate services into a single well choreographed service. Service synthesis is performed by something called The Pump – it makes things flow together. You just sit back and watch it work for you.

Soiree Client

A Soiree client is a generic piece of software that resides on your customer’s device. Your customer will never know that you’re using Soiree — they will see your application branded and packaged using your own product name, company name, and artwork. You configure the client with the host name/port of SxServer and the name of solution to be run. When the client connects to the server it becomes the solution under the direction of SxServer. The really fun thing about the Soiree client is that you never have to write any user interface code. What will you do with all your spare time? Perhaps you could deliver more solutions to your customers.

Soiree Items

Soiree items save you a lot of time when building your solution by leveraging your time. Soiree items are files that describe various aspects of a Soiree solution. There are two type of items: items that can be used directly by the execution environment (no coding required) and items that emit Java code for you. Soiree provides 16 different types of items to speed up the solution build process.

Soiree Runtime Environment

The following diagram illustrates how three of the most powerful items make a solution come to life.

Soiree Runtime Diagram

Soiree Architecture

Here is the obligatory diagram of Soiree’s architectural model
Soiree Architecture