User Provisioning

In this Lesson

You will learn how to create and manage users with the server console.

Manual User Provisioning

The User Provisioning scene is an option available in the server console.

Only users with the authority to provision users will have this option appear on their server console menu.

The scene allows you to

  1. Search for existing users
  2. Create new users
  3. Modify user information
  4. Set the user password
  5. Revoke/unrevoke a user (revoking a user will prevent the user ID from being used)
  6. Rename a user ID
  7. Manage the groups assigned to a user
  8. See the groups assigned to a user
  9. See the rights which are granted to a user (via their groups)

The product’s User Service determines which of the highlighted options, below, are available. Only those features which the service supports for will be present in the scene.

Creating Users

If the user service supports the ability to create users the Create New User link will appear below the list of users.

Newly created users will not appear in the list of displayed users until the list is refreshed by pressing the Search button.
Modify user information

The Save button will apply any changes made to the following fields.

All other changes you make to the user’s profile are applied as you make those changes.

Setting the password

If the user service supports setting passwords the Set Password button will be available.

If the user password has never been set the scene looks like this

Require a password change

You can request that a user change their password the next time they sign on.

This setting is only a hint to the sign process used by your solution. The sign on process you create must check this hint and act appropriately.
Revoking Users

Revoking a user ID makes it unavailable for use but does not change the user’s account information.

If the user service supports the ability to revoke users and the selected user is not currently revoked the Revoke button will appear.

Unrevoking Users

Unrevoking a user ID makes it available again.

If the user service supports the ability to unrevoke users and the selected user is revoked then the Unrevoke the button will appear.

Renaming a user ID

Soiree allows you to change a user’s ID as shown here

Assigning groups to users

You assign groups to a user by first selecting a user and then selecting the Edit link in the group assignments section.

You can see more information about a group by clicking on its name

Viewing User Rights

If the user has not been granted any rights by their groups then this message will be displayed at the bottom of the group list.

If the user has been granted rights you will see this link

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